Houston Heights

Revolucion Coffee & Juice

1231 West 11th Street Houston, TX 77008 Map It
  • Address:
    1231 West 11th Street
    Houston, TX 77008
  • Phone:
    (346) 227-2941

Revolucion Coffee & Juice is a healthy haven in the Heights neighborhood. Stocked with cold pressed juice, homemade nut milks and cold brewed coffee, this is a one-stop shop to rejuvenate. There is a long list of juices like Serenity made with watermelon, pineapple and ginger, or The Cure made with carrot, apple, beets lemon and ginger.

Dedicated health-nuts can go all in with a subscription, and join the one-month juice challenge. For $150, members will receive one juice per day for the ultimate detox.

Revolucion offers pick-up and delivery for those on the go, so being healthy is not just tasty, but convenient.

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