The Arena Theatre

7326 Southwest Freeway Houston, TX 77074 Map It
  • Address:
    7326 Southwest Freeway
    Houston, TX 77074
  • Phone:
    (713) 772-5900

The Arena Theatre is one of Houston’s oldest concert venues.

Legends in the music industry such as BB King, Willie Nelson and Aretha Franklin have all performed at The Arena over the decades. Because no seat is more than 60 feet from the stage in this theater in the round, visitors enjoy a uniquely intimate experience with the artist. Four full-service bars inside the theater make it easy to grab a cocktail during a set.

The theater underwent a $1 million facelift in 2008 that brought major improvements to the sound and lighting as well as new seats and other upgrades.

From country to jazz, pop to rock, there’s all kinds of sound coming out of The Arena.

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