Houston in the News

Citing Houston's strong culinary and cultural landscape, some of the country's top publications are calling the city a prime place to visit these days. Scroll below to see a selection of the headlines and accompanying articles.

Condé Nast Traveler

“In Houston, Texas, gas station Rockwell Mart serves al pastor tacos on homemade tortillas with punchy salsa verde, and Al Quick Stop plates up Middle Eastern snacks such as kibbeh and falafel, ideal for one-hand eating."

travel and leisure

“Home to the largest LGBTIA+ community in Texas and one of the first destinations to market to gay travelers through a dedicated LGBTQIA+ visitor website over a decade ago, it’s easy to see why Houston's Pride celebration already draws some 750,000+ people each year from every corner of the globe."

Condé Nast Traveler

“MFAH closed its doors in mid-March to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus, but reopened to the public two months later—the first major art museum in the country to do so. Now, the museum is on track to unveil a $450 million campus expansion and redevelopment in November."

Simply Gluten Free

“My first trip to Houston was truly out of this world. I came as part of a press trip to help “Space City” celebrate the 50th anniversary of the moon landing. From our space-themed United flight out of Newark Airport to spending time with real astronauts to going behind the scenes at NASA’s Johnson Space Center and Space Center Houston, our schedule left us with little time to breathe. I loved every second of it. When it was time to leave, I couldn’t wait to come back."

cuisine noir

“We thought, well restaurants are still open. These restaurants have been hurt so much, this was the year that we had to do it,” says Luckett."

usa today

“Where's the closest deli? For a real taste of Europe, you have one more option: Find a nearby deli. When I visited Houston last summer, one of the highlights was a visit to Kenny & Ziggy's Deli. I can't do the menu justice in the space remaining. A meal here will make you feel like you're back in the Old World."

readers digest

“Located in the heart of Houston's vibrant theater district, the 93 rooms on the Lancaster hotel are immersed in art and elegance... It's the perfect place for a weekend getaway."


“it’s the artworks in our nation’s prominent museums—Museum of Fine Arts Houston, and others—that bring to light the artistic contributions from black Americans to the masses through large-scale exhibitions, lectures, and permanent displays, appreciated and respected by millions of visitors"

traveling mom

“Everything is bigger in Texas, including the free things to do in Houston! It’s the largest city in Texas, and one of the fastest growing cities in the USA. Houston has plenty of large-scale attractions for family fun."


“With the 4th largest population of Black Americans and its home state being where Juneteenth originated, Houston may just be the perfect place to celebrate."

Southern Living

“By many measures, Houston is one of the most ethnically diverse major cities in the country—something obvious to anyone who has tried the food. Here in Space City, fancy steak houses sit comfortably beside soul food canteens and Japanese soba dens. Grocery stores carry Chinese snacks, Indian spices, and Mexican produce. It's a colorful, sprawling culinary landscape."

Kids Are A Trip

“Space City, where creativity meets ingenuity, inspires the next generation through educational fun."

travel and leisure

“I'd love to tack on a few days in Houston, too, a place that's often overlooked by people headed to the Gulf Coast — even though it's just as much fun as New Orleans."

Trip Savvy

“Official tourism office Visit Houston features an "LGBT" tab on the top of its website which links out to a frequently updated My Gay Houston resources and happenings page."

Black Enterprise

“(Houston) is also one of America's most diverse cities that has defined many of the local neighborhood from Syrian, Chinese, and other immigrants. This diversity can be seen in its thriving food scene."

Instinct Magazine

“My third trip would elaborate on the first two journeys to Houston and would truly seal the deal for keeping this Texas city at the top of my short list for quick get-aways from Florida to a gay friendly, phenomenal cuisine offering, architecturally stimulating city."

Architectural Digest Cover

“But dig a little deeper and you’ll find emerging neighborhoods, a thriving community of artists, swanky new hotels, and an incredible restaurant scene."

TripAdvisor Cover

“Houston among "Top 25 Trending Destinations in the U.S."

Travel Pulse Cover

“This fast-growing U.S. city has become a center for blended cultures and cuisine, and it boasts a strong LGBTQ community. 

Skift Cover

“Technology plays an important role in helping tourism companies market local attractions and businesses more effectively. As smartphone functionality expands, Visit Houston is proving that augmented reality tools can have a real impact on visitor experience. 


“One of the largest, most dynamic and most diverse destinations anywhere in the United States.” 


“Houston is one of the most diverse cities in the country—you’re likely to hear a dozen languages as you stroll through world-class institutions like the Museum of Fine Arts or the Menil Collection.” 


“From world-class museums to communal visionary art projects, there's colorful art to enjoy all over Houston.” 

Conde Nast Traveler

“Houston is one of the most diverse cities in the country—you’re likely to hear a dozen languages as you stroll through world-class institutions like the Museum of Fine Arts or the Menil Collection.” 

Washington Post

“The city is home to margaritas, Beyoncé and Mission Control, and despite the year-round summer there’s much to love in this wild boomtown on the bayou.” 

Essence Magazine

“There are a wide range of options, though most include food (which is no surprise since Houston is known for its diverse culinary scene), you’ll be in for the weekend (or week) of a lifestyle.” 


“If New York is known as the "Big Apple" and New Orleans the "Big Easy," Houston is "Space City.” 


“A lot has changed over the past few years: today, the city of 2.3 million attracts culture lovers and foodies alike.” 

Innovation Map

“Houston in particular was called out for being the most affordable major metro and for having the third best startup survival rate.” 


“World-class cultural institutions, James Beard-recognized dining, reinvigorated urban spaces, hotels that surprise and delight—Houston has got them all.” 

Brit + co The Art of Traveling: The 11 Cities in America With the Best Street Art

“The city is more supportive of street artists, and its streets and buildings vibrantly reflect that payoff.” 

The New York Times: 52 Places to Go in 2019

“After Hurricane Harvey, the city is back on its feet and showing off the everything-is-bigger-in-Texas attitude.” 

Bloomberg Cover

“Houston is ready for liftoff. To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the moon landing, the Johnson Space Center is restoring everything inside the original Mission Control—down to the consoles and the trash cans—to look exactly as it did in July 1969 during the Apollo 11 mission.” 

National Geographic Cover article

“To celebrate how far we’ve come, many will head to Houston this July for the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the moon landing and the opening of the Apollo Mission Center, a National Historic Landmark that will feature programs and exhibitions throughout the month celebrating the monumental effort that took us to the moon.”

US News & World Report

“The culturally diverse city is welcoming innovative chefs with open arms and has emerged as the intersection between Chinese, Vietnamese, Hispanic and Southern cuisines.” 


“One of the best reasons to visit Houston is the amount of hip hangouts, glamorous bars and stylish nightclubs that can be found dotted across the city.” 

Food & Wine

“Here's the thing, Los Angeles - Houston is coming for you.” 


“James Turrell Skyspace, Buffalo Bayou Park, and The Cistern at Buffalo Bayou Park are all reasons Houston ranked No. 18 on the list of most fun cities.” 

Travel + Leisure

“Houston has made major strides toward recovery and cemented its reputation as a lively, diverse city with a restaurant landscape that can hold its own against any coastal capital.” 


"Space City celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing—and an art scene that’s exploring new frontiers." 

Conde Nast Traveler

"As the most diverse city in the U.S.—nearly a quarter of the population was born outside the country—it’s a multicultural city keeping up with the cool kids. Even a born-and-bred Dallasite like myself can get behind that." 

Out Magazine

"Houston, which is poised to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the moon landing - has the largest creative community in the entire state." 

Food & Wine

"There’s one now, four more on the way, and they’re all downtown." 

Red Tricycle

"Houston is one of the most diverse cities in the United States. As a result, a family vacation to this famous Texas town is an extraordinary cultural experience." 

Lonely Planet

"Although trips into orbit remain prohibitively expensive, the city from where the moon landings were guided is a great-value place to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the giant leap for mankind." 

Conde Nast

"There are cities that claim to be melting pots, but they can't compare to Houston." 


Houston ranks near top of list for "most fun cities in America", (No. 18) in long list of 182 cities.

“Let me tell you something — the best pho is not in Vietnam, it’s in Houston.” — chef Nikki Tran 

Texas Highways

“Just northwest of downtown Houston, a sprawling complex of factories and warehouses that once churned with heavy industry now fosters a different kind of production as the home of Sawyer Yards—quite possibly Texas’ largest concentration of working artists.”

GQ Magazine

“He gripped the wheel and considered the unspeakable: “Was Houston cooler than Austin? Really?”

Sherman's Travel

"Houston has a rep for being a sprawling metropolis that's difficult to navigate without a car—But it doesn't mean you can't have a fantastic weekend in this city without getting stuck in traffic."

The New York Times

“This year, the travel packages and programs targeting the L.G.B.T. community are increasingly more introspective, philanthropic and activist.”

The Los Angeles Times

“The Freedom Over Texas Festival at Eleanor Tinsley and Sam Houston parks presents an evening of family activities and live Tex-Mex, Latin rockabilly, and country tunes followed by fireworks.”

Readers Digest

"If you think Houston is only a business city, you’re in for a surprise when you visit with your family."

Hemisphere's Magazine

“Yes, there will be Tex-Mex and pearl snap shirts. But there will also be groundbreaking art, creative fusion food, and the control center that put humans on the moon. All towns have their contradictions, but few accommodate them as comfortably as this Southern city on the bayou.”


“Houston is a proper Texan city. In other words, it’s massive, folksy, and utterly charming.”

Food & Wine

"The Houston dining scene is the most exciting it's ever been."

Bon Appetit

“America's most diverse city is home to addictive Cajun-spiced crawfish, an insane spaghetti sandwich, and a whole lot more.”

The New York Times

"Anyone from little kids to great-grandparents can have a good time because there is such a diverse lineup of activities." The event “has plenty to offer all comers – even if the rodeo itself isn’t up your alley.”


“Houston is the most exciting food city in America.”

Consequence of Sound

"From the get-go, the festival has welcomed a melting pot of the art world beau monde, archetypal fest-y types, hipster fashionistas, and passionate fans."


“These diverse Houstonians are bringing the best from around the world and seizing the opportunity of sprawl-cheap rents and a strong economy.”

CBS Sunday Morning

"Houstonians absolutely have this belief that we don't really care where you're from, we want to know what you can do. And Hugo's a great example of that."

Smart Meetings

“None of Texas’ big cities has undergone a bigger transformation than Houston this decade. The concrete jungle is turning green faster than you can say ‘Sam Houston’… While green spaces keep residents happy, the top-shelf art scene draws visitors from around the world.”


“Houston’s global reputation is growing, and the international art community is taking notice.”

Raw Travel

“Houston, Texas is weirder than you think and boasts a surprisingly diverse and eclectic arts scene.”

Southern Living

“Houston is hosting the third annual HUE Mural Festival, a delightful swirl of gorgeous colors by celebrated street artists.”

Insider magazine

“Houston has always been renowned for its steak and barbecue, but thanks to enterprising chefs like Chris Shepherd and Brian Caswell, it's finally earning a place on the map of America's best food towns.” 

Wine Enthusiast

“Long known for its oil and natural gas industries, this diverse city is now defined by a new kind of energy.”

LA Times

“The story of how his city turned from a town of oil industry roughnecks and white blue-collar workers into a major political centrifuge for immigration reform, demographic analysts say, is nothing less than the story of the American city of the future.”

Esquire magazine thumb

"Houston is like New York City with its density of mom and pop ethnic restaurants. It has huge areas of sprawl with malls and strip centers where no English is spoken and you can find kumquat trees, bootlegged electronics, and food carts selling fried chicken, crawfish, and noodles."

London Evening Standard February 2017 thumb

"The famous Texas hospitality makes for a fun-filled visit but Houston is also full of surprises — it can rightfully claim the most diverse community in the US, as the workforce that staffs the oil and gas industries is a proper melting pot of nationalities."

Travel Age West 2017 thumb

"Perhaps no one knows the nooks and crannies of Houston as well as Omar Lopez. The singer-songwriter, guitarist and bassist spends most of his nights performing at various hot spots around the city with his cover band, Goodtime Muffin."

360 West thumb

"For the second time in 13 years, H-Town hosts the sports world's biggest show. Whether you're a hardcore football enthusiast so devoted that you don't care which team plays in Super Bowl LI, or you're just tagging along with ardent fans, the Bayou City clearly has festive diversions for you."

Reuters 2017 thumb

"The downtown renovations were going to happen regardless of the Super Bowl...but when Houston was awarded this year's game in 2013, it gave the city a deadline."

New York Times January 2017 thumb

"In contrast to its past reputation as an urban dead zone after dark, Houston now includes a greater array of restaurants, high-rises, green space, and cultural and entertainment venues."

Strahan January 2017 thumb

"The former New York Giant and Emmy Award-winning television personality was born there, and his parents still call it home. “There’s a lot of great stuff in Houston. People have misconceptions. They think it’s cowboys riding around on horses, but it’s a fun, advanced city.” He shares some favorite sites."

Vogue 2017 thumb

"With robust international influences from a diverse population, the sprawling metropolis offers plenty of diverse neighborhoods to explore, along with exotic cuisines, of-the-moment boutiques, and innovative art offerings."

Chicago Tribune January 2017 thumb

"The nation's fourth-largest city is more complex than you probably think. Its unexpected quirks — an obsession with art cars, a fine wine auction tied to its famed rodeo — defy the 10-gallon hat and mechanical bull stereotypes."

Food Network Magazine thumb

"The host city of Super Bowl 51 has a bustling arts scene and a slew of international restaurants. We found plenty of reasons to visit right now--or any time."

bourdain cnn thumb

"Houston, is, in fact, about as multicultural a city as exists in the country. Houston has been, from what I experienced, particularly if not more welcoming to immigrants and refugees from all over the world than most other cities I know."

Westjet magazine thumb

"For many travelers, Texas cuisine is synonymous with steak houses and barbecue, but Houston, in particular, offers so much more. One of the most ethnically diverse cities in the United States, Houston has an exciting culinary scene that boasts an array of cultural choice, from Iraqi kabobs and Indonesian fried rice to Vietnamese pho and Mexican fajitas."

Playboy thumb

"Football fandom touches down in Space City for February's Super Bowl. But the big game lasts only a few hours in a city full of grit and roughneck charm."

Chris Shepherd thumb

"Thanks to liberal land use policies, and a huge influx of immigrants from around the globe, Houston is credited with having the most restaurants per capita in the world as well as being one of the most culturally diverse cities in the United States."

Ninfa's thumb

"Houston wants to have you over. The city has built more hotel rooms in the past year than anywhere in America not called New York."

MFAH thumb

"There’s more to Houston than meets the eye. Yes, Space Center Houston is spectacular, especially for adults who’ve always dreamed of interstellar travel. And yes, it’s home to the Houston Astros and Rockets, but outside of space and sports, there’s a funky little town hidden in one of the country’s metropolitan cities—the fourth-largest, to be exact.."

Restaurant party thumb

"Beyond Houston’s serpentine freeways, Goliath-sized megachurches and mammoth downtown Hilton (room count: 1,200), lies a hotbed of culinary creativity."

Pastry War thumb image

"The crew who turned Houston into a respectable drinking town takes the writer on a few rounds."

us news

"NASA may be based here, but it's Houston's out-of-this-world culinary scene that's drawing foodies to the Bayou City."

Southern Living

"After 76 hours... Houston seemed less sprawling and faceless. It became more like one welcoming neighborhood, albeit enormous, from the offbeat Montrose area to the city’s rambling Chinatown -- delicious evidence of the city’s status as the most diverse metropolitan area in the country."

Sherman Travel James Beard Article

"Houston claimed eight of the nominees for this year’s James Beard Foundation Awards. That’s right — Houston, that other Texan city."

Calculated Traveler Houston Article

"I thought CityPASS was awesome because it allowed me to gain entry into all the major tourist attractions at a significant discount off the regular price of admission."

points north magazine

"Named after General Sam Houston...the city has long been touted as a hub for business, particularly when it comes to oil. Unbeknownst to many, the city has struck it rich in areas the rest of us can enjoy as well."

vacation idea magazine

"Whether you like museums, parks or unique adventures, Houston offers many great things to see and do. From culinary tours and cooking classes, to championship golf and indoor skydiving, couples can plan a fun weekend getaway in the city."

Washington Post June 2016

"For any native Houstonian, the oil that's built this city is as much a part of its history as any military battle."

successful meetings cover

"The city appears to be on a winning streak."

NYT Culinary

"I come today to proclaim Houston one of the great eating capitals of America."

Outside magazine

"Houston gets a bad rap: flat, boring, concrete. The flat part? That's true. But the rest couldn't be more wrong."

CNN screenshot

"In Houston, there's something for everyone to see, do and even learn."

Yahoo News screenshot

"Houston will surprise you. The city has been referred to as a modern day Ellis Island, where more than 145 languages are spoken.  The sprawling metropolis known for traffic and Tex-Mex is also home to next year’s Super Bowl and has one of the most diverse populations in the nation."

Travel and Leisure Luxury

"Luxury awaits in cosmopolitan Houston, where an international vibe offers A-list opportunities to dine, shop, eat and explore in the energy capital of the world."

NYT Screenshot

"America’s youngest city offers a potpourri pot of cuisines, quirky shops and art with both global and local reach."

Southern Living February 2016

"How wildcatters, hotsauce and multicultural neighborhoods created the ultimate Southern food frontier.


"Houston is surprisingly diverse, with an array of restaurants that go far beyond your typical BBQ joint or Tex-Mex cantina."

AAA Traveler January 2016

"Houston will receive increased attention as a travel destination next year, when the pros face off there in Super Bowl LI. Get a head start and go now."

East Kent Luxury

"Fast forward 48 hours and I'm wearing my H-Town t-shirt with pride, clutching a NASA fridge magnet and nursing a hangover."

Boston Globe

"Yep, these days the Bayou City is cropping up more and more on travelers' "Let's check it out" list. What's the draw? Shopping, arts, entertainment, and food."

New York Magazine

"Long known as the country's oil capital, the Bayou City is experiencing a downtown renaissance, investing in new green space, impressive public art, and reinvigorating historic places."

Favorite Cities

For the first time ever this year, Houston ranked among the top five places in the nation on Travel + Leisure's list of America's Favorite Cities.

Texas Meetings

"This waterfront location holds a large part of the area's appeal, offering scenic views and ample opportunities for recreation in the form of kayaking, sailing and paddleboarding."

Conde Nast Traveler

"Now, flush from a new energy windfall and building like mad, Houston is reinventing itself as a greener, more cultured, more human-scale cosmopolis."

Dallas Morning News

"When you factor everything in, Killen's BBQ is the best barbecue place in Texas."

Smart Meetings

"In Houston, everything old is new again. Three neighborhoods -- the Navigation Corridor, Mid-Main and Market Square -- are being re-born right before our eyes."

San Antonio Express News

"Sleepy on weekends for years, there's now a slew of new bars, restaurants and buzzed-about developments in the area, which further entices with its walkability."

Successful Meetings

"Houston is a fast-changing city. Or, as Greg Ortale, president and CEO of the Greater Houston Convention and Visitors Bureau, puts it: 'If you haven't been to Houston in the last five years, then you haven't really been to Houston'."

Business Insider

"But you shouldn't dismiss Houston so easily; the Bayou City is an economic juggernaut. It's by far the country's No. 1 job creator (...). Add a thriving restaurant and cultural scene, and you've got a winning case for Houston as the best city in America."

Architectural Digest

"In recent years the Texas city has reinvented itself as a cultural center and culinary powerhouse, attracting visitors from across the globe."

Daily Candy

"The place every astronaut knows by name has plenty of out-of-this-world offerings. Whether dining, shopping, soaking in culture, or enjoying nightlife, you'll be over the moon in America's fourth largest city."

Southwest December 2015

"The problem with Houston's 19-institution Museum District is deciding where to begin."

Washington Post 2015

"The city I knew the least surprised me the most. Houston, where have you been all my (food) life? Your best Vietnamese cooking returns me to Saigon, and some of your Chinese menus rival those I’ve dipped into in Beijing."

PRI The World

"Research shows that Chinese visitors are choosing Houston first and foremost really to shop. They come to the Galleria, the fourth-largest mall in the United States with nearly 400 stores and two hotels. The mall is also undergoing a $250 million expansion - everything bigger in Texas."

48 Hours in Houston

"What you know about Houston is likely based on what you think you know about Texas (i.e. stereotypes). Quentin Long eschews 10-gallon hats and cowboy boots to discover this most underestimated of American cities."

The Cultureur

"Like many cities across the United States, Houston is in the midst of a renaissance — an ethnic and cultural transformation, if you will. In fact, it’s now the most diverse city in the United States, even surpassing the likes of New York City and Los Angeles."

Skyline Virgin

"Founded in 1836, there’s a nice mixture of history and modern approaches to everything from business and the arts to dining and nightlife."

Go Nomad

"For 2015 and 2016, new major projects are sprouting from improvements in transportation to crowd-pleasing attractions to classy and comfortable accommodations. Just take a look!"

DOTW 2015

"There’s a whole lot of truth behind the “big” moniker, but as Becca Hensley discovers, Houston is America’s biggest small town. Just don’t forget to bring a Texan-sized appetite."

Travel + Leisure

"This big-business town has always had a soft spot for world-class art: Its oak-tree-lined Museum District has 20 institutions, including the privately assembled Menil Collection, the Museum of Fine Arts, and the non-denominational Rothko Chapel."

Urban Land

"One of the largest and most ambitious efforts is occurring in Houston, where the waterways are called bayous. There, Buffalo Bayou Park near downtown is undergoing a $58 million redevelopment."

Texas Highways May 2015

"My recent weekend in downtown Houston revealed vibrant throngs attracted to popular new places for eating, drinking, and relaxing. I found plenty of out-of-town visitors in my midst, as well as Houstonians enjoying the ease of hopping on Metro Rail Houston for the quick light-rail trip into the central business district for an afternoon or evening of play."

Smart Meetings

"Houston is BIG. Its size. Its buildings. Its hats. Its boots. And its can-do spirit."

Collaborate Magazine

"Explore Houston's vibrant dining culture with a stroll down trendy Westheimer Road, where farm-to-table joints like Underbelly and Uchi line the walkable street just begging for a sustainable food tour."

Forbes Travel

"The rodeo, which welcomed nearly 2.5 million visitors in 2014, also features livestock and horse shows, kids activities, an array of dining options and a giant Western "shopping mall" filled with clothing, jewelry, leather goods and crafts."

USA Today Cover

"Over the past decade, the USA's fourth-largest city has quietly become not just a powerhouse of intellect and culture in Texas, but a major player on the world stage. The Bayou City's economic boom and urban renaissance have made Houston not just a magnet for travelers, but a permanent residence for many casual visitors."

Austin Statesman 2015

"The pace, the enormity, the glistening don't so much enter Houston as you get drawn into it...Whenever I visit Houston, I feel like I'm entering a world of science fiction, a sensation that makes sense as you peel back the concrete layers of the city and tap into Houston's humanity and cultural diversity."

Black Enterprise

"Houston is synonymous with Bun B. Any hip hop enthusiast knows that Houston's reputation on the rap scene wouldn't be what it is today without the help of Bernard Freeman - better known to the world as Bun B."

Country Roads

"It is indeed perfectly possible to explore some of the most interesting neighborhoods in Houston without a car. In fact, doing so will make you part of a growing trend."