When it comes to terrific tacos, there are no rules. From eggs to pork, beef or fish and even creative veggie options, you can put just about any combination of foods in a tortilla and it will be a hit (especially in Houston). And because Houston is a foodie hot spot, there is always a new taco in town that you just have to check out.

BCK Kitchen & Cocktail Adventures

This new Heights neighborhood bar and restaurant offers nostalgic American fare in-spired by the owners’ childhood favorites. One of the most popular items on the menu is Chef Jeff Fernandez's Peking Duck Tacos featuring crispy duck, cabbage, pickled red onion, hoisin, sour cream and flour tortillas. The tacos come in a generous platter of three.

Dish Society

Dish Society Vegetarian Tacos

This farm-to-table favorite is known for sourcing mostly local ingredients from farmers and ranchers in our area. Feeling meaty? At Dish Society, go for Texas-raised 44 Farms steak tacos with cabbage slaw, house chimichurri and cotija cheese on flour or corn tortillas. Feeling leafy? Balsamic roasted Brussels sprouts, cabbage, pickled red onion, creme fraiche and cotija folded into corn or flour tortillas will satisfy.

Field and Tides

Field and Tides Tacos

Field and Tides has gotten a lot of attention since opening in 2017. Their taco is a Thai Southeast Asia inspired creation. Think sweet, sour and spicy. Beef short rib is marinated with red curry paste, garlic, honey, lime and fish sauce overnight. It is then cooked down to fall off the bone tenderness. It’s served on a hard shell, red corn tortilla and topped with pickled green cabbage and thickened coconut milk.

Goodnight Charlie's

Goodnight Charlie's Tacos

At Goodnight Charlie's, the new Montrose honky-tonk, Chef Felipe Riccio also makes a selection of tacos with homemade tortillas. The Cochinita Pibil is a traditional Mexican slow-roasted pork dish. While spending time cooking in Europe at Osteria Francescana in Italy (currently the No. 2 restaurant in the world), Felipe made cochinita pibil for the staff and it was widely popular.  So when he came back to Houston and opened Goodnight Charlie's, the cochinita pibil taco was an obvious choice for the menu!

HS Green

HS Green Shrimp Tacos

HS Green, a fresh food kitchen, crafts full flavored shrimp tacos that appeal to clean eaters and foodies alike. Soft, warmly griddled corn tortillas cradle a handful of plump perfectly grilled shrimp. Crunchy red cabbage, cilantro and pico add texture and flavor but the kicker is the vibrant green creamy chipotle sauce. Velvety and a little spicy, the scratch made sauce is so addictive you’ll want to put it on everything.

Local Foods Downtown

At Local Foods, the menu is fresh and creative. One vegetarian taco option caught our eye. For the Downtown Local Foods location, try the Brussels Sprout Tacos with carrot slaw, tahini-lime dressing, white bean puree, vegan Queso served on warm corn tortillas.

Molina’s Cantina

Molina's Crispy Pork Tacos

Molina’s Cantina has been serving the Tex-Mex staple since opening in 1941 but is always switching up the menu with fresh options. Choices include puffy shells with seasoned ground beef, Tacos a la Molina with juicy shredded chicken or Baja fish swaddled in a soft flour tortilla. For something different check out the spicy crispy tacos with carnitas. The savory pork is topped with lettuce, tomato and cheese and served with rice and beans.


Snooze Tacos

At Snooze Breakfast Eatery, one of the most popular menu picks is Juan’s Breakfast Tacos. It’s three Fresh Corn or Flour Tortillas topped with scrambled eggs, shredded hash browns, jack cheese, green chili hollandaise & pico de gallo. Top with jalapeños or even pulled pork!


Taco Deli Chicken Tacos

With a name like Tacodeli, you know there has to be good taco options on tap! One popular choice is the Shredded chicken taco. It’s served in a traditional red Pipian sauce made with spicy chipotles and toasted pumpkin seeds, avocado and sesame seed garnish. This taco started as a “Special of the Moment” but proved so popular that it graduated to the regular Tacodeli lunch menu in August of 2017.


Xochi Tacos del Carmen

Xochi has a wide variety of housemade Masas, beans cooked with avocado leaves and many other distinctive Oaxaca-inspired dishes. For tacos, try Tacos del Carmen, which are an ode to Chef Hugo’s favorite street tacos in Oaxaca, Mexico and include chiles de agua stuffed with chicken picadillo, blue corn tortillas, salsa de tomate.

Tacos A Go Go

tacos a go go

The chef at Tacos A Go Go and a native of Hidalgo, Marivel Gomez, has been perfecting her signature taco recipe since she was six. Everything is made from scratch, handmade and with no electricity- just the way she grew up cooking. Since opening in 2006, Tacos A Go Go has won countless local and regional food awards and has become a Houston favorite. When building your taco, choose from a variety of slow-cooked meats or seafood in a bed of queso fresco all wrapped in a fresh tortilla. Wash it all down with a signature horchata or Mexican Coke.