As the most diverse city in the country, Houston and it's food culture provides a wide range of regional and international options for every meal. Most notably in our fanatic taco culture. Whether you wake up to a couple of breakfast tacos before a day on the town, enjoy a neighborhood taqueria for lunch, or pick up a plate at a lively taco truck after a night out with friends. From authentic to fusion, vegetarian to Tex-Mex, there's always a perfect taco waiting for you. Join us on this adventure. You’ll thank us later.

Tacos at Calle Onze

1. Calle Onze

As you enter this brand new eatery in The Heights, there's a phrase of Mexican slang lit up in neon lights that reads “A Toda Madre”. Directly translated, this means “To Every Mother”. The more appropriate translation is “totally awesome” or  “everything is great”. You quickly realize that the saying is more of a mission statement. From the host to the server, the cooks to the bartender, everyone here works together to provide the best service, cocktails, and most importantly, the cuisine. The menu is split into sections labeled tradicionales and experimentales. Most items are mesquite-grilled to perfection, complemented with hyper fresh ingredients for a distinctly passionate finish. The delicious tacos options include tacos al carbon, al pastor, and fried avocado tacos.

2. Cantina Barba

This quaint taco joint and mezcal bar in the Near Northside has been winning over hearts and stomachs one taco, burger, and mezcal slushie at a time ever since opening earlier this year. The flame-kissed fajita tacos provide a juicy meal at any time of day, with smoked pork shoulder and barbacoa also on the menu. This cantina opens early for breakfast tacos at 7am, closes at midnight during the week, and keeps the party going until 3am on the weekend.

Tacos at Dream Tacos

3. Dream Tacos TX

There's a lot to like at this Greenway Plaza-area taco restaurant. From the rainbow colored decor, the delicious appetizer options, to the sweet aguas frescas, this new taco spot on Richmond Avenue is quickly gaining a steady following of regular customers. With house-made flour tortillas, the breakfast tacos are a good choice to start, but the real winner is the taco menu filled with fresh seafood and veggie options, as well as traditional fillings such as fajitas, pastor, and barbacoa.

Tortillas at La Casa

4. La Casa Bakery & Cafe

Keeping tradition alive is the goal for this small, family owned and operated cafe. The owner, Don Trinidad Garza, makes all the Mexican sweet bread and flour tortillas by hand, which means that every bite is fresh, hot, and delicious. Struggling sales post-Hurricane Harvey almost lead Mr. Garza to close up shop, but his daughter Jackie stepped in to save the day. After a tweet she wrote went viral, thousands have visited the business to enjoy home-cooked meals of barbacoa tacos, caldo de res, enchiladas, and of course, pan dulce with Mexican hot chocolate.

Tacos at Xochi

5. Xochi

Recently named one of the best new restaurants in the country, Xochi continues to provide the highest quality Mexican food in the city. The reasonably priced lunch menu is a perfect way to sample the culinary delights without breaking the bank. Try the crispy tacos de chicharron (pork belly) and the succulent tacos de cabrito (goat) for a one-two punch that will have you making dinner reservations before finishing the last bite.

Tacos at Los Gemelos

6. Tacos Los Gemelos

There's nothing fusion or fancy about this taco spot, just good tacos made by good people. Los Gemelos is a taco heaven squeezed into a garage-like complex with a few picnic tables scattered around it. The establishment is cash-only and there's always a line, which means it has to be good. They offer a large menu of tacos, tortas, and even menudo on the weekends. For an authentic taste of Mexico, try the big plate of tacos de bisteck with avocado and queso fresco. 

Tacos at Taco Nazo

7. El Taco Nazo

One of the best and longest running taco trucks in H-Town, TacoNazo prides itself in serving great food at a reasonable price. For some reason, the tacos here taste better after sunset, making this truck a late night favorite for many taco aficionados. The perfectly marinated, grilled, and diced fajita is the specialty, although the pastor and barbacoa are also quite good. Add in a drizzle of creamy and spicy green salsa, a side order of hot charro beans, and an ice cold Mexican Coke for the most delicious dinner under $10 you will ever encounter.

Tacos at The Pit Room

8. The Pit Room

Three words: brisket fat tortillas. That is the secret ingredient that makes the tacos at this Montrose area BBQ joint so wonderful. The house-made flour tortillas are then filled with your choice of fresh cut brisket, smoked chicken, or slow-cooked pulled pork. The combination of Texas style BBQ onto a warm tortilla with cheese and salsa is the very definition of Tex-Mex. Wash it all down with a cold bottle of Big Red for a true taste of Texas taco tradition.

9. Laredo Taqueria

This Washington Avenue neighborhood favorite is famous for its steam table filled with a large variety of taco options. From carne guisada to asado de puerco, queso con chile to papas con huevo, your hunger will definitely be satisfied once you step into this bright green temple of tacos. Although the line sometimes circles around the corner, it usually moves fast and is definitely worth the wait. One of the favorite items on the menu are the delicious tacos de fideo, which are tortillas filled with chicken and noodles.

Tacos at La Macro

10. La Macro Food Truck

Located in the parking lot of The Raven Tower ice house, La Macro combines the vibrant street food culture of Monterrey with the rich flavors and marinades of Mexico City. They offer a true trompo, which are marinated pork steaks stacked then slow-cooked on a vertical spit. A pineapple is placed on top, releasing it's juice while the meat rotates, culminating into an absolutely juicy and distinctive taco treasure.  You can even order a trompi-burger, which adds trompo meat onto a hamburger with your choice of avocado, cheese, and even a fried egg.

11. El Tiempo Taqueria

Not to be confused with the El Tiempo Cantina next door, this former carniceria and grocery serves a variety of tacos that will satisfy just about any hunger. The bright red marinated and flame-grilled fajita tacos are an absolute delight. The meat is chopped and diced as you order then placed onto a warm, house-made flour tortilla that tastes wonderful with rice and beans. Fresh cilantro, avocado, and onions add to the experience. On the weekends they offer amazing barbacoa as well as one of the best bowls of menudo.