If Houston were a song, it would sound something like this. The below video is just a sneak peek of what the Houston Symphony has come together to produce in collaboration with the Houston First Corporation members, Composer Jeff Walton and ZenFilm production company.

The Houston Convention and Visitors Bureau developed the collaboration to showcase Houston's strong creative community and unique cultural gems like the Houston Symphony, now celebrating their centennial year.

The orchestra's Houston inspired score will play along a video produced by ZenFilm which shows the day in the life of Houston through time-lapse video of the metropolis, from the moment the sun rises over the Esperson Building until it sets over the Bayou.

Those involved in the marketing project all donated their time in support of Houston. The video complements the My Houston campaign in which celebrities from Houston like Lyle Lovett, Jim Parsons and ZZ Top share what they love about their hometown.

 "I think when people see the video and they hear this powerful music, which I've heard, then they're going to sit up in their seats and they're going to say, ‘Oh my goodness, what a fabulous city!'" said Sonia Garza-Monarchi, chairman of the Houston First Corporation members. "And it's going to remind them why they live here and why it's a wonderful place to be."

The video will debut at the Houston Convention and Visitors Bureau's annual meeting March 26, 2014.