Houston ranks among the top destinations in the country in a new study out this week.

Travel research group Resonance Consultancy looked at the top 50 destinations in the U.S. and ranked Houston No. 12 citing the city's numerous recent accolades, expanding shopping opportunities and new infrastructure investment.

Instead of just examining the total number of visitors to a city and how much they spent, Resonance examined additional criteria such as number of direct flights, the quality of third-party reviews and major attractions. More weight was given to leisure travel than business travel-though the experience for both appears to be on an upward trajectory In Houston.

"With a thriving arts scene, abundant green space, local food, theme parks and nightlife, Houston was ranked #7 on the New York Times list of 46 Places to Go in 2013," the report stated. What's more, Houston saw the largest increase in overseas tourists of any American city between 2012 and 2013, due in part to an increase in flights from foreign cities.

Destination Houston is also getting some love from the Huffington Post this week. HuffPo offered this rundown of favorite destinations along with both the iconic and hidden gem attractions of each. In Houston, the Galleria is one of the most recognizable places. But HuffPo points out that the less well-known tunnel system underneath Downtown is a unique element that often gets overlooked.