There is something about music that connects, inspires and moves people. Something that can't be defined. At least it couldn’t be, until now. It’s BIORHYTHM. From the John P. McGovern Museum of Health and Medical Science ("The Health Museum") comes BIORHYTHM: Music and the Body, a traveling exhibition that explores the connection of rhythm and the body.

But what is it? Well, several sources define biorhythm as an innately determined “rhythmic biological” process. This is exactly what The Health Museum’s exhibition works to explain. Through educational and musical tools, such as chains, sub woofers and sonic beds, BIORHYTHM creates unique experiences based on individual senses. Through a series of interactive installations, visitors can use their bodies to discover and understand how the mind and the body react to musical stimulation.

Featured works from such artists as Kaffe Matthews and TeZ are woven into each installation. In one corner, an installation uses a full-body shell-like capsule to experience tactile sound vibrations and visualizations throughout the entire body. Nearby, find a full-sized sonic bed that engulfs people in a melody of sound and movement. While at another installation, a multi-user chain-linked human instrument creates distinctive sounds while hand-holding and moving around.

Biorhythym-reactable  Biorhythym-Sonic Bed

In addition to the variety of artworks is the music, from alternative to classic or rock genres and more. The Health Museum rounded up an extensive team to curate the exhibition, including a composer, singer-songwriter, professors and scientists. The rhythmic showing also features a series of musical performances, monthly mixers and interactive networking opportunities in collaboration with collective creative Kaleidoscope Houston, as well as educational programming and a chance to record and share the sounds of Houston.

Running from January 13 to July 31, 2018, the exhibition is available in English, Spanish and Mandarin Chinese. For more details on BIORHYTHM, including the events calendar, visit