There's little surprise for Houstonians in Forbes' latest accolade for the Bayou City.

The business magazine predicts that, within a decade, Houston will be the nation's "next great global city." Of course, locals already know this to be true. H-Town is the most diverse metro in the country and a leader in everything from arts and culture to aerospace and medical technology.

The prognostication from Forbes came as part of its Reinventing America series. In the series' latest article titled A Map of America's Future: Where Growth Will Be Over the next Decade, the writer breaks the nation down into seven major regions. Houston is named as the capital of the "Third Coast", which the magazine designates as the entire Gulf Coast stretching from Texas to Florida.

"Once a sleepy, semitropical backwater, the Third Coast... has come out of the recession stronger than virtually any other region," Forbes writes. "Since 2001, its job base has expanded 7 percent, and it is projected to grow another 18 percent in the coming decade."

Last year Forbes named Houston the coolest city in the nation to live, a title locals wholeheartedly embraced.