For some, it’s a lucky pair of underwear or socks. For others, it’s neglecting to shave after the latest win. Superstitions are real and they hit the Houston area hard in the Astros post season. Foolish? Maybe. Necessary? Definitely.

After the 2017 season’s World Series-winning run against the Dodgers, there’s no shortage of quirky habits that almost certainly contributed to our World Champion’s post-season juju. We’ve assessed some of the Astro’s super fan rituals from 2017 and decided to expound on them a bit. Call us superstitious, but we’re ready to earn history again in 2021! 

Eat, Eat and Eat Some More.

We all know Houston does food and it does food well. Have you been ordering pizza every time the Astros have won one of their games? Well, keep ordering and eating it. Maybe the pizza place forgot to put pepperoni on your pizza. Well, get used to eating your pizza sans pepperoni! Perhaps you’ve been sitting at a bar, drinking a margarita while watching the game. We implore you to continue that necessary (and fun) ritual. Of course, drinking responsibly. Last year lots of fans looked to repeat meals coupled with a little magic from José Altuve and company to rocket the Astros to victory. 

Signs and Seats.

It’s often common for baseball players to have a quick sign or habit that they do before approaching the plate. Whether they need a base hit, bunt or homerun, crossing home plate with their bats or lifting a finger to the sky is a crucial component to the psyche. So whether you’re watching from the comfort of your couch or in the stadium, pregame routines are important and so is staying in your specific seat! That’s right, pour yourself your same beverage of choice, snack on the same type of chips and queso, and pick your couch cushion knowing it’s yours until the wins cease. Those rules go for anyone present in your home too! Choose your spots wisely and buckle up for a long and prosperous post season. Sitting in the stadium? See rules above. 

Surviving the Stink. 

This is where the plot thickens, moms and wives everywhere might cringe, but lucky t-shirts must not be washed. Okay, if it’s a long post season like last year and we’re down to seven games, it’s probably best to wash after each wear. However, the same shirt is essential unless we lose, in which case the shirt should be disposed of immediately.  Where you stand on washing lucky underwear and/or socks is totally your business, but just be cognizant of those around you and your own personal hygiene. We know our friend George Springer has some sock rituals he sticks to, so if Springer is doing it, maybe we should consider it too! Note: Spring does wash his socks after each game. 

The Want to Watch.

Maybe you’re that person who just walked into the kitchen for a quick bite and Alex Bregman has one of his amazing Alex Bregman moments. Guess what? You might be relegated to the kitchen for the remainder of the game or at least until that half of the inning is over. It’ll be up to those you’re watching the game with to decide how and where you wait out the remainder of the game. Fair is fair. One precaution is to ensure you have televisions in every room before the post season gets rolling. 

Stubble Saves.

Men often look for reasons to not shave their faces. Carefully curated facial hair in the post season can be essential to one’s success both on and off of the field. So whether your inadvertently growing a rather grizzly beard, superb ‘stache or baseball-player-approved goatee, we think your boss will understand the importance of the commitment you’ve made to the ‘Stros. Lastly, games 1-6 of the World Series lead right up to No-Shave November, so you’ll be ahead of the facial hair game.

Lastly, have fun! How lucky are we to enjoy two back-to-back post season appearances by the Astros? We know this team is chockfull of talent, so while the team may not totally need your stinky socks, queso-eating commitment or pregame ritual, they can feel Houston’s love when we rally behind them. Let’s prove we’re Houston Strong again this year!

Go ‘Stros!