In the early afternoon of Monday, August 21, a once-in-a-lifetime experience will be had, as millions of Americans collectively look upward to gaze upon a solar eclipse. Although Houston is not in the direct path, here’s what, where and how you can experience the 2017 eclipse.

The eclipse in Houston

A solar eclipse is when the path of the moon crosses in front of the sun and blocks the sun from the earth. The path of the full solar eclipse runs from the Pacific Northwest, down to northern Georgia. Although Houston is not in the direct path of the eclipse, those in the Bayou City can expect to see 65% - 70% coverage.

Where to see the eclipse

The solar eclipse is visible from anywhere outdoors with visibility of the sun. You can expect to see the eclipse in the early afternoon between 1:00 pm and 1:30pm. For the best viewing with zero obstructions, check out one of Houston’s many parks! Buffalo Bayou Park or Hermann Park are perfect for viewing without trees or close buildings. Head downtown to Discovery Green, or lay by the water along the beach in Galveston.

If you want to sit back with a few cold beverages, then peek out when the show starts, find yourself at one of these great patio bars.

How to watch the solar eclipse

Partial sun or not, it is unsafe to look directly into the sun. Many viewers will wear special sunglasses to observe the sun, or other coverage like welding masks.  Click here to learn more about safety and other tips for viewing the solar eclipse.