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How do you tell the story of a city? On the fifth anniversary of the successful My Houston campaign that showcased our city's celebrity sons and daughters, the GHCVB decided to tell the story a different way. We know that people who come to Houston want to experience our cuisine and the arts above everything else. Who better to convey the dynamic diversity of these scenes than the people who are pushing them forward each day? 

Meet the Trendsetters. From musicians to professional athletes, fashion gurus to urban planners, these are just a few of the individuals giving Houston its cool factor. Find out where they hang out and what makes this their city. 

Meet the Trendsetters

  • Asli OMAR

    Asli OMAR

  • Bun B

    Bun B

  • ChloeDAO




  • Justin CRONIN

    Justin CRONIN

  • Lucinda LOYA

    Lucinda LOYA

  • Mickey ROSMARIN

    Mickey ROSMARIN

  • Tally HALL

    Tally HALL