88 Boiling Crawfish & Seafood

1910 Wilcrest Dr Houston, TX 77042 Map It
  • Address:
    1910 Wilcrest Dr
    Houston, TX 77042

Located in West Houston, 88 Boiling Crawfish and Seafood has married Thai and cajun cuisines together for a unique twist on seafood.

Serving shrimp, oysters, fish and seasonal crawfish, 88 Boiling Crawfish & Seafood integrates Thai spices to cajun dishes giving visitors something to sink their teeth into. Known especially for their crawfish, this visitor-proclaimed “hole in the wall” gets packed during spring crawfish season.

88 hosts a small amount of tables with table service. The restaurant also has a fanned and heated patio for Houston’s hot and cold days, so guests can enjoy eating crawfish and oysters in the fresh air.

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