Anahauc National Wildlife Refuge

Anahuac NWR, P.O. Box 278 Anahuac, TX 77514 Map It
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    Anahuac NWR, P.O. Box 278
    Anahuac, TX 77514
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In Anahauc National Wildlife Refuge, the chorus of thousands of waterfowl, wind moving through the coastal prairie, the splash of an alligator going for a swim, and a high-pitched call of a fulvous whistling duck are heard during visits. The meandering bayous of Anahuac NWR cut through ancient flood plains, creating expanses of coastal marsh and prairie bordering Galveston Bay in southeast Texas. These coastal marshes and prairies are host or home to an abundance of wildlife, from migratory birds to alligators to bobcats and more.

The park features, a coastal prairie and marsh, are home to many migratory birds and alligators such as muskrat, nutria, opossum, skunk, raccoon, and coyotes with characteristics of red wolves. Between October and March, there are as many as 27 species of duck present in refuge, including green-winged teal, gadwall, shoveler, ruddy duck, and northern pintail. Huge groups of snow geese, sometimes in excess of 80,000, feed on rice fields near Shoveler Pond; secretive yellow rails usually live in refuge, also roseate spoonbill, ibis, egrets.

* Boardwalk
* Outdoor educational programming (free, K-5th)
* Photography
* Birding
* Canoeing
* Wildlife observation


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