EaDo/East End

Brass Tacks

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A hot meetup, study, work and lifestyle spot in EaDo, Brass Tacks is home to a cafe, bar, lounge, boardroom and event space. Additionally, Brass Tacks also claims over 1,000 square feet of patio as “a unique and intimate back alley oasis.”

Various coffee drinks, cocktails and refreshing bites to eat make up the menu, so diners can reap the benefits of this modern establishment any time of day. The hot spot is open til midnight for those that like to work or simply chat with a friend late into the evening. The menu offers trendy drinks like nitro cold brew, matcha and charcoal lattes and also classic caffeinated beverages such as espressos, cortados and cappuccinos. Pair it with a breakfast taco to start the day just right. An array of sandwiches, salads and snacks are available for later in the day.

Exposed brick, lots of life-giving green plants and sleek design offer the perfect vibe for studying, knocking out some brain-busting assignments or just sitting down with an old friend over an early or 5 ‘o clock beverage. The spot’s proximity to Downtown makes it an ideal stop between meetings or nightlife.

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