Houston Heights

Casa Nomad

600 N Shepherd Houston, TX 77077 Map It
  • Address:
    600 N Shepherd
    Houston, TX 77077

Tulum-inspired lounge and coastal Mexican restaurant Casa Nomad is one of the staples at M-K-T in the Heights.

The high energy and sleek- design-sporting concept features equally beachy Mayan-inspired fare on a local, chef-driven coastal Mexican menu with offerings like truffle crema-dressed tuna crudo tostadas, guajillo marmalade-topped bone marrow, and skirt steak adorned with salsa matcha and mushroom agridulce that will be served with corn tortillas. Dessert offerings at Casa Nomad include the Coconut Panna Cotta with charred pineapple, guava gelee and mint; and the Chocolate Churro with gualjillo chili, chocolate mousse and citrus.

Casa Nomad is housed entirely on an intimate, 800-square-foot and 28-seat covered patio decked out in tropical and Tulum-worthy finishes like an overhead rope canopy and sky-blue tile-adorned walls, with perimeters planted with lush tropical vegetation. The concept sports a tropical-chic vibe and features music in the style of “jungle disco” — the kind of up-tempo and beachy music one hears while strutting the sand-covered streets of Tulum.

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