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Gite Gallery, The

2024 Alabama St. Houston, TX 77004 Map It
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    2024 Alabama St.
    Houston, TX 77004
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The Gite Gallery provides fine African art, including paintings in oil, acrylics, pen and ink, watercolors, and charcoal. All pictures are originals and are custom framed. The gallery also carries a variety of masks, statues, textiles, baskets, furniture, and Shona sculptures.

The Gite Gallery inventories over seventy artists. These African artists range along the African coast from Sengal's Kre' Mbaye to South Africa's Peter Ziyo Sibeko. There are pieces that represent regions and tribes from the Cameroon Grasslands, Benin, Zimbabwe, Senufo, Dan, Kuba, Massai, Hassan, Baule, Mali, Zulu, Ashanti, Bobo, Bwa, Dogon, Baga, Fang, Gabon, Nupe, Bozo, Turkana, Tonga, Mende, Igbo, Makonde, and more.

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