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Huynh Restaurant

912 St. Emanuel Houston, TX 77003 Map It
  • Address:
    912 St. Emanuel
    Houston, TX 77003
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The Huynh family has opened one of the best Vietnamese restaurants in the city, called Huynh. The people who run this place previously had Pho Huynh on Milam, and many of their fans have followed to the new location.

There are plenty of familiar dishes-–pho (soup), bun (vermicelli salad) and soft spring rolls-–that will appeal to a timid eater or neophyte to Vietnamese cooking. However, what makes this place remarkable is the gutsy home-style cooking for eaters ready to go a little deeper into the cuisine. Annie Huynh is out front, suggesting dishes, explaining how mom (in the kitchen) invented them, even advising exactly how to eat to get the most enjoyment-–e.g., stir up the mi quang thoroughly so that you have a little of the yellow noodles, pork, shrimp, fish cake and broth in each bite.

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