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Julep Houston

1919 Washington Houston, TX 77007 Map It
Address: 1919 Washington Houston, TX 77007
Phone: (713) 869-4383

Alba Huerta, the former general manager of Anvil Bar and Refuge and partner in The Pastry War, has opened her own cocktail bar focused on Southern spirits. 

While maintaining a strong emphasis on classic cocktails, Julep -- named after the iconic Southern cocktail -- embraces regional drinking culture. The bar offers a limited yet dynamic food menu that includes raw oysters and arguably the most delectable frites in town. But certainly the craft cocktail takes center stage here, with several different versions of mint juleps as well as punches and other Southern favorites. Julep offers table service and accommodations for private events.

Set in a reclaimed building in the 1900-block of Houston’s hip Washington Avenue, Julep embraces its industrial space with exposed brick and wooden beams. A large covered patio has been fashioned from what was once a garage. Huerta has partnered in the new venture with the proprietors of Anvil, including Houston cocktail master Bobby Huegel.

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