Las Hamacas

8541 Gulf Fwy Houston, TX 77017 Map It
  • Address:
    8541 Gulf Fwy
    Houston, TX 77017
  • Phone:
    (713) 941-7157

If you've been craving authentic Honduran food and décor, Las Hamacas is your restaurant! Honduran food combines texture and full flavor that speaks for itself- no salsa needed.

Las Hamacas is acclaimed for their baleadas, the Honduran version of a soft taco, which is essentially a thin strip of grilled beef, refried red beans, avocado, scrambled egg, and sour cream wrapped in a flour tortilla and covered with cheese. If you're not in a soft taco mood, try the boquitos, pollo frito, or Honduran-style enchiladas. Make sure and try some of their refreshing fruit agua brewed fresh and swimming with diced fruit.

Inside Las Hamacas, you will find bright and cheery décor, music booming, and a colorful assortment of straw hats and baskets dangling from the ceiling. You will also find very friendly staff who will remember your name on your next visit. Along with the décor and wait staff is a juke box that booms the traditionally loud rhythms of Honduras.

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