Montrose Cheese & Wine

1618 Westheimer Houston, TX 77006 Map It
  • Address:
    1618 Westheimer
    Houston, TX 77006

Montrose Cheese & Wine features 12-15 cheeses and 125 wines in a small but darling 800-square-foot store in Montrose. The charming spot is both retail shop and café, offering cheese, wine, charcuterie, pastries and coffee.

In addition to the obvious cheese and wine, guests can also purchase drip coffee, espresso, pastries and food and wine gifts, such as accessories and tools. Ryan Cooper, the store’s wine director highlighting chose worldly wines that will “overdeliver for price point with a particularly strong selection for $40 or less.”

There are 10 seats at the bar inside for those looking to stop in for a bit, or guests can browse and take their wine, cheese and gifts to go. With a stunning spiral staircase, wine cellar and bar, the small shop also features a courtyard with shaded canopies for Houston’s nice weather days.

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