Original Chop Shop

5018 San Felipe St d Houston, TX 77056 Map It
  • Address:
    5018 San Felipe St d
    Houston, TX 77056

Health and happiness can be found near the Galleria at the Original Chop Shop. Serving protein bowls, salads, sandwiches, juices and more nutrition-packed goodies, this on-the-go eatery will have guests eating well and feeling even better.

When the sun rises, guests can grab a "Brekkie," a tortilla with scrambled eggs, provolone, avocado pesto and choice of turkey, ham, prosciutto or bacon, arugula. Pair with a protein shake to really up your early-morning game. For those in the mood for something a little sweeter in the a.m., there is a variety of superfruit bowls and parfaits on the menu as well. Lunch items include protein bowls like the teriyaki chicken bowl or an array of salads. Or try their chicken and prociutto sandwich. Vegetarians have plenty to choose from too — a veggie and hummus sandwich or the beet or Asian salad among other options. Pair with a freshly squeezed juice for some extra nutritional punch.

The shop offers dine-in, delivery or pick-up and makes it easy to eat healthy on the go.

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