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Famed Bohemia designer crystal pieces include sparkling clear queens lace, etched, plain, traditional and contemporary candlesticks, glassware, vases, and bowls from $79.00 through $289.00; cobalt blue, emerald green, garnet red, and amethyst overlay crystal from $79.00 through $389.00; hand thrown and painted pottery patterns from Bohemia, Moravia, and Slovakia includes plates, bowls, and mugs; porcelain sets of the Original Blue Onion, Red Rose, and the classical Three Graces dinner sets, accessories, and figurines; garnet jewelry inclusive of necklaces, various styles of crosses, brooches, earrings, and bracelets; enameled heirlooms of bronze in gold or silver include hearts, bells, eggs in various sizes and patterns, teapots, vases, figurines, and beautiful dreidels; various puppets which helped the Czech lands retain their national language the many times it has been occupied throughout history and whimsical kitchen witches; an all year-round Christmas shop; linens and laces new and antique; travel books and maps and CD music from classical, folk, and jazz; Moravian stars, lighted and crystal ornaments and last but certainly not least a large selection of fine art paintings and handsomely framed pictures. Select items from Poland, Russia and Hungary are represented as well. The Czech Center’s shop is Houston’s unknown treasure trove for the discerning shopper who appreciates a quiet and caring environment in a non-profit organization.

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