Retrospect Coffee Bar

3704 La Branch St Houston, TX 77004 Map It
  • Address:
    3704 La Branch St
    Houston, TX 77004
  • Phone:
    (832) 689-1002

The city’s first neighborhood gas station is now bringing you coffee, crepes, and custard. Retrospect Coffee Bar opened in 2017 after the historic 40 year old oil filling station was renovated. The pit stop, which has been around since 1921, has a bit of history along with it, some of which has been preserved in the newly restored bar.

What was once a canvas for public art has refurbished windows, a rainwater collection system, and a giant orange espresso machine to bring the best coffee to customers. While still upholding the historical sentiment, the teams innovating mindset brought unique ideas to the reconstruction. An old shipping container is now part of the bathroom and pre area, and wood from the roof serves as a hallway to connect the two structures.

Take advantage of the outdoor seating and enjoy coffee or custard in a friendly and relaxing environment. Crepes, served all day long, bring a bit of Texas history with cleverly named selections like Lady Bird Johnson, made with sliced turkey and goat cheese, and the all veggie Janice Joplin.

The bar also serves craft beer and wines by the glass or bottle, and handmade frozen custard. The “Orange Dreamsicle”, named after the aforementioned espresso machine, is a must-have. You won’t want to miss enjoying a bite to eat at Retrospective Coffee Bar located right across the Station Museum.

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