Sheldon Lake State Park & Environmental Learning Center

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    15315 Beaumont Highway
    Houston, TX 77049
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Sheldon Lake State Park & Environmental Learning Center is a 2,800 acre outdoor education and recreation facility located in northeast Harris County. The park is split into two units: Sheldon Lake is accessible from Garrett and Pineland/Fauna roads, and the Environmental Learning Center is accessible from Beaumont Highway.

The Sheldon Lake Unit encompasses 1,200 acres; 800 are permanently inundated and 400 acres are marsh and swampland. Fishing, small boats and canoes, and birdwatching are the main activities. The Environmental Learning Center Unit provides TEKS-aligned educational programming on pond ecology, nature walks focusing on habitats and animal adaptations, catch-and-release fishing (fishing poles provided), renewable energy, native plant gardening, composting, recycling, and hunter education.

The Lake Unit is home to oak, pine, cypress, sycamore, several types of water lilies, deer, raccoon, opossum, rabbit, alligator, and twenty species of waterfowl. Bald eagles, osprey in winter, and Heron and egret rookeries are found in March-June.

* canoeing
* catch and release fishing
* educational programming
* nature walks
* wildlife observation
* TEKS-aligned lessons

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