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West University/Rice Village

Shiva Indian Restaurant

2514 Times Blvd Houston, TX 77005 Map It
Address: 2514 Times Blvd Houston, TX 77005
Phone: 713-523-4753

Rich, colorful fabrics and Indian art decorating the walls evokes a serene, relaxed atmosphere. Expect deftly prepared northern Indian dishes accompanied by freshly baked naan breads. Tandoori offerings include chicken, lamb, shrimp and charbroiled skewers. Chicken korma (with saffron and cashew nuts), Goan seafood curry, saag paneer and vindaloos are standouts. Combo platters are available. Shiva's reasonably priced lunch buffet includes vegetarian options. Service is prompt and friendly.

Vegetarian—their vegetables are carefully chosen from the produce market and cooked fresh to delight your palate.

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