Hobby Airport/Third Ward

Smither Park

2441 Munger Street Houston, TX 77023 Map It
  • Address:
    2441 Munger Street
    Houston, TX 77023
  • Phone:
    (713) 926-6368

Mosaic art has taken over at Smither Park in south Houston. The urban space has been developed over time with help from artists and friends of the park. Visionary artist and builder Dan Phillips worked with Stephanie Smither to form the park, in memory of her late husband, John H. Smither. Inspired by the Orange Show’s philosophy of promoting and sustaining self-taught art, the mosaic-covered park serves as a testimony to the vibrancy and creativity of the city of Houston.

From dinner plates to street signs and fishing lures, artists and individuals contribute and participate in creating new pieces among the park's working space. A swing set, amphitheater, memory wall and more offer guests a place to relax and enjoy the intricate details of each design.

On Saturdays, visitors can enjoy watching local artists place recycled materials and create new mosaics among the park's many structures. Bring a lunch and enjoy a picnic and sometimes even a surprise performance within the amphitheater.

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