West University/Rice Village

Sushi by Hidden

5216 Morningside Dr. Houston, TX 77005 Map It
  • Address:
    5216 Morningside Dr.
    Houston, TX 77005

Sushi by Hidden in Rice Village features a 30-minute timed omakase experience for Houston and visiting sushi lovers. Similar to Hidden Omakase’s concept, the space seats 10 guests at a time with 12 sushi pieces chosen by the chef. The chef-driven experience is led by Chef Jimmy Kieu as well as rotating chefs from Hidden Omakase.

The seasoned chefs serve guests directly at the sushi counter, guiding them through the meal and providing a truly exclusive experience. The 1,200 square foot space hosts a sleek, modern feel. The entrance features an NFT art gallery showcasing a quarterly rotating group of artists for diners to enjoy. The restaurant’s main focus, the sushi bar, has a clean and elegant design aesthetic. Upbeat tunes bring an overall fun vibe to the dining experience.

The menu changes daily depending on the market fish. Courses could include Akami (lean bluefin tuna) with chili garlic, fuji apple, sanbaizu or Engawa (flounder fin) with finger lime and Ikura (salmon roe) that is tom yum marinated. 

The tasting menu is $60 per person. Currently Sushi by Hidden is Bring Your Own Liquor (BYOL). They welcome guests to bring in their own libation of choice. There is a $20 Corkage Fee for bottles of 720ml and larger.

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