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The Flora Culture

799 Town and Country Boulevard, Suite 143 Houston, TX 77024 Map It
  • Address:
    799 Town and Country Boulevard, Suite 143
    Houston, TX 77024

A local, family owned interior plant and floral design shop, The Flora Culture, has a pop-up location in CITYCENTRE, Houston’s premier destination for shopping, dining and entertainment.

With a goal of cultivating an interior-scaping culture in Houston, the opening of The Flora Culture heightens the overall customer experience at CITYCENTRE by integrating nature’s beauty into daily lifestyle.

Founded and co-owned by Jemine and Matthew Oakes and featuring local and international product designers from as far as Sweden and Australia, the store offers an array of designer plants and plant products, curated interior-scaping design services and experiential workshops. These are designed for novice or experienced individuals and include classes focused on potting techniques, soil science, floral design and more. The Flora Culture is fueled by their mission to make plants attainable for all. All of the shop’s plants are set in sustainably sourced, organic, mixed-in-shop soil, demonstrating the care the family dedicates to their craft. 

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