Tranquillity Park

400 Rusk St. Houston, TX 77002 Map It
  • Address:
    400 Rusk St.
    Houston, TX 77002

Tranquillity Park, named for the Sea of Tranquillity, is filled with grassy embankments and serene pools while situated right next to City Hall in downtown Houston. The cool oasis of fountains and walkways was built to commemorate the first landing on the moon by the Apollo 11 mission.

Opening to visitors in 1979, the park was dedicated on the tenth anniversary for the first lunar landing. Neil Armstrong's words from the moon, "Houston, Tranquillity base here. The Eagle has Landed," are written in many languages on plaques placed at the entrance of the park. The mounds and depressions on the park's surface represent the cratered lunar surface.

Each year, Tranquillity Park becomes home to annual events such as the Children's Festival, Houston International Festival, and many more. This popular spot is great for individuals seeking shade or a place to have lunch during one of Houston's hot summer days.

Tranquillity Park is located between Walker and Rusk Streets, east of Smith St. in downtown Houston.

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