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Exotic tastes await adventurous eaters near Montrose at Tres Tacos, Tequilas y Todo where diners can find the unique flavors of Mexican-Arabic fusion.

The tacos served at this colorful establishment highlight the Arabic influence on Mexican cuisine and can be paired with a variety of tequila cocktails to make the meal a full experience. There are tacos filled with lamb, beef, fish or shrimp among other tasty ingredients. Or if guests are in a snacky mood, they can start with pita bread served with black beans, jalapeño escabeche, queso, macha dressing and pico as a delicious combo of flavors. A popular beverage is the “2020 IS GUAVA,” which combines guava infused tequila, coconut purée, lime juice, and a cinnamon infused tequila float.

The colorful mural-painted walls will leave guests feeling inspired to snap a quick Instagram-worthy photo in between bites of flavor-packed tacos and snacks.

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