Truluck's Steak & Stone Crab

5350 Westheimer Houston, TX 77056 Map It
  • Address:
    5350 Westheimer
    Houston, TX 77056
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Save your pennies for signature stone crabs shipped in daily from Florida and the Yucatan.

Truluck's retro-sleek, handsome, dining-car decor attracts a similarly sharp-looking, upwardly mobile clientele. Single diners and martini sippers migrate to the stylish tortoiseshell bar, where crackerjack bartenders pour choice cocktails and wines in fine stemware. Dates and slick business folk pace the dark dining room, which is so loud that you'll never hear a cell phone.

Hot and crunchy pecan-crusted trout is a mainstay, and the distinctive tenderloin filet dusted with spices is a winner. Everyone loves the piquant creamy poblano soup and the classy mashers, rich with pungent Parmesan and extra garlic.

Citrusy Key lime pie or towering carrot cake--luxurious with four layers, a swoop of cinnamon syrup and strawberries.

Sunday brunch is a value, and Monday night is all-you-can-eat stone crabs until 10 p.m.

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