Unos P’nches Tacos

1402 Northwood St Houston, TX 77009 Map It
  • Address:
    1402 Northwood St
    Houston, TX 77009

On the east side of the Houston Heights is a “hole in the wall” taco joint called Unos P’nches Tacos that is sure to live up to “hole in the wall” hype. Serving up family recipes of traditional Mexican food, this spot makes everything from scratch.

Start with three different kinds of salsa served with warm chips and then move on to the sopes, empanadas and chilaquiles. The breakfast line up includes huevos con chorizo tacos, chilaquiles con arrachera (beef fajita) and breakfast tamales.

The atmosphere is cozy and artsy with hand-painted wall decor, Mexican blankets and picturesque dishes destined for your table. A perfect quick stop for authentic Mexican food, Unos P’nches Tacos offers dine in and carry-out.

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