Verandah Progressive Indian Restaurant

3300 Kirby Drive, Suite 7A Houston, TX 77098 Map It
  • Address:
    3300 Kirby Drive, Suite 7A
    Houston, TX 77098

Upper Kirby is home to Verandah, an upscale progressive Indian restaurant serving flavor-packed, authentic Indian lunch and dinner dishes.

Wowing guests with a Tandoori appetizer plate is only the beginning of the taste adventure Verandah promises to its diners. When a biryani platter is ordered, it’s served with a flakey bread topping the waiter cuts in front of you to allow for the full aromatic experience of the dish. Butter chicken and lamb kabobs also grace the menu to the pleasure of traditional Indian food connoisseurs.

The artistry involved in crafting the dishes served at Verandah is one of great passion and practice, and patrons will recognize that with each dish they order. The modern but poshly decorated dining area is accompanied by a sleek corner bar ideal for a drink and a chat while awaiting a table.


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