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Jessie Rowe

Reignite the Romance at These Houston Hotels

It happens to everyone – somewhere between work deadlines, school drop offs, and grocery store runs, the relationship with your partner takes a back seat. It’s frustrating for both parties when life gets in the way of spending intentional, quality time with the person you care for most. Fortunately, there’s nothing like a little TLC and a romantic getaway to revive the passion and connection between you and your better half. These Houston Hotels have something special to offer no rekindle your…

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10 Hotels in Houston with Pools and Unforgettable Adventures Nearby

For many travelers, a pool is a key amenity they are searching for when choosing a hotel. Whether you are a fan of swimming or simply like relaxing poolside, you have dozens of hotel pools of all sizes and shapes in Houston. If you are also looking for great entertainment near a hotel with a great pool, we've got you covered too! Here are some recommendations for a memorable experience that will allow you to unwind, have fun and get inspired. And best of all, you don’t have to break your bank…

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