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8 Reasons Your Dog Wants To Visit Houston

We all need a little vacay from the daily perils of life now and then – work, school, bills – but that doesn’t mean we want to take a break from man’s best friend. On the contrary, statistics show that hanging out with your furry companions actually helps you relax even more. Thankfully, Houston is a city that has a growing number of hot spots that show lots of love to those four-legged friends. The Dog-Friendly Houston organization actively advocates for businesses to become more accommodating…

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Doggy Date Day

Dogs make our lives better, literally. Did you know that playing with your dog has a number of health benefits? First, when you’re playing with your pup, you’re relieving stress and getting mental stimulation. For your pup, a fun day of activity helps maintain heart health, keeps the joints lubricated, and improves overall balance and coordination. In the spirit of celebrating our four-legged friends and all that they do for us, reward your dog with a date day that includes a trip to the dog…

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