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10 Amazing Historical Attractions in Houston

There’s no question that Texas has a rich history. San Antonio has the Alamo, and Austin has the Capitol, but Houston remains the historical center of Texas. Houston was the first capital of Texas, where the first national bank was founded, and the Galveston Daily News was the first Texas newspaper. It’s worth mentioning that Houston has various buildings in and around downtown that have stood for over a century. Whether you’re a visitor or native Houstonian, you’ll be surprised to learn of…

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A Texas Historical Two-Step

Newcomers flood into Texas from every corner of the country, every reach of the globe, every day. With such an infusion of humanity, ignorance of local history can be forgiven. But not for long. Perhaps most surprising to newcomers is that Texas was an independent nation first, a state second. Yes, Texas was its own republic for nine years before it became America’s 28th state in 1845. (Texas declared its secession from the U.S. in 1861 to join the rebels of the Confederacy, but that’s another…

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